Sending out regular emails to customers who have opted in to hear from your business is still the most effective form of direct marketing. In fact, up to 2000 emails can be sent in bulk for no cost! Grimmel prefers to use MailChimp as we have found it to be the most adaptable platform and the most likely to get through to the correct customer inbox.

Our custom designed emails can showcase your offerings, share your website content and send reminders about special events to your database on a regular basis. Email marketing is so effective that many large eCommerce companies send an email every day! An effective email campaign can also be automated so customers are contacted about products and services they are interested in at a critical time in the purchase cycle.

Emails can drive more traffic to your main sales point.

It is important to ensure all traffic is driven to your website as that is where you’re most likely going to ‘make a sale’. Each email will have several links back to specific pages on your website, driving customer engagement with your content.

Another benefit of email marketing is the data collection. You truly own your email database. A large facebook following or Google ranking is great and you should aspire to achieve both, but they aren’t controlled by you. Facebook and Google control the data, not you. They can stop showing your content at their discretion -and have done so before; Facebook will limit how many promotional posts your audience will see and Google moves the ranking goalposts very regularly. But a database of emails? They’re yours and you can control what to send and when to send it. Start collecting emails now and reap the benefits of an awesome Grimmel email campaign.

power up with GRIMMEL


We make it easy & affordable to update your website.

From only $2,799 our websites are very affordable and look great. We hand over control to you upon completion and there are no ongoing costs.


Improve your ability to be found in Google.

Be found on Google. Page 2 won’t do! Commonly referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we improve your organic search ranking with Google.


Do you want to sell online? Huge potential, small outlay.

Cheaper than bricks and mortar and more sustainable. An eCommerce site offers you unlimited selling potential. We are website specialists.


Give your brand an edge with a Grimmel stationery package.

Have your logo, business cards, letterheads and email signature created by our awesome design team. Cheap stationery doesn’t have to look cheap.


We write content that gets noticed!

The team at Grimmel can create content that stands out. We can write the content for your website on initial build or as part of an ongoing blog. This can be hugely beneficial for your Google ranking as Google loves to see new, relevant content pop up on your website.

We also write content for brochures, newsletters and social posts. You name it, we can put the words to it!

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