WEB hosting, DOMAIN hosting or EMAIL hosting. Grimmel does it all.


A DOMAIN name is the name of your website, or better, when you think of your website as a house, the domain name is the address of your house (or your website).

When you want to create a new website, you need a domain name. The registration of your domain name and the process of keeping it registered is called Domain hosting.

We at Grimmel provide Domain Hosting services.


Every website on the internet needs WEB hosting. If you think of the domain as your address, WEB hosting is your house where all your website files are sitting in one place: on our Grimmel server.

WEB hosting comes in different sizes: for small websites with a smaller number of pages to big eCommerce solutions or online business catalogues.

We at Grimmel provide Web Hosting services.


EMAIL hosting is a service that allows you to set up a custom email address and use it to send and receive emails. The email domain name you use will match the domain name of your website. Basic EMAIL hosting is included with your web hosting at Grimmel.

We at Grimmel also offer business-class EMAIL Hosting services. You can supercharge your email with a range of powerful features and tools, industry-leading security and unmatched reliability with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Whether you’re more familiar with the Microsoft software suite, or Google’s Gmail interface, Grimmel offers affordable packages.

Need some graphicDESIGN?

If you want your brand to thrive all elements of your brand have to work together. Your brand is your name, your tag line, all your design, your website, your email marketing or any other feature that identifies your business from other competition.

Grimmel designs all your branding material. From your new logo, flyers, stationary and business cards to booklets, posters, direct mailings and annual reports.

We also offer printing services! Whether you need just a small print run or big number os copies – just go over to our online print shop (coming soon) to get started!

power up with GRIMMEL


Websites for medical practises

Grimmel Practise specialises in building medical websites. We understand the unique challenges and have tailored packages to suit. Talk to our practise manager today!


Effective online advertising with Grimmel

We can help you devise a plan and implement it to better reach your audience online. This includes Google search ads and image display ads.


Sell your products or services online

More cost effective than bricks & mortar, your website becomes your shopfront! We can help you set it up, advertise it and track results.


Easy and affordable way to manage your hosting

We will look after everything under the one roof. WordPress troubleshooting, security updates and registration will all be looked after by our team.