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Being on the first page of Google is akin to taking out a full page ad in the Yellow Pages in every city.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website more attractive to Google in order to rank higher in search. The aim is a higher organic rating as opposed to being shown as a paid advertisement.

Google loves a good website

Although the process of optimising your site is long and arduous, it is now a very fair and simple process. Create a website that is simple to use, has plenty of relevant content, structure that content well with clear links and connections, ensure lots of people read your content, and finally, get other relevant websites to link to your content. Your website also needs to be fluid; constantly updating and optimising. Google is not a fan of stale, stagnant websites.

You’ll find more detailed information on how to optimise your site for Google in the SEO Guide in our blog.

how can

We build websites that are optimised from the get-go. Our sites have meta-descriptions, image-alt tags, good heading structure and internal links. When you have Grimmel build your website for you it comes optimised. This isn’t enough though; this is just a platform from which to start your SEO campaigns.

SEO must haves: meta-descriptions, image alt tags, heading structure and internal links


Grimmel has an SEO package to suit every budget.

Over time we will begin to build your website into a strong powerhouse that ranks well for a range of keywords and phrases. We begin with the terms that provide you with the best return, ranking you higher and getting you found by your customers.

Grimmel. SEO package 1


• WordPress website security updates

• WordPress website tech support

• Website optimisation

• Basic content creation

• Targets and tracks 5 keywords

Grimmel. SEO package 2


• WordPress website security updates

• WordPress website tech support

• Website optimisation

• Link building

• Social media optimisation

• Content creation

• Targets and tracks 15 keywords

• Social media sharing

Grimmel. SEO package 3


• WordPress website security updates

• WordPress website tech support

• Website optimisation

• Link building

• Social media optimisation

• Weekly blog post

• Targets and tracks 30 keywords

• Focus on long tail keywords

• Social media sharing

• Social media monitoring

• Target multiple locations

power up with GRIMMEL


We make it easy & affordable to update your website.

From only $1,990 our websites are very affordable and look great. We hand over control to you upon completion and there are no ongoing costs.


A cost effective way to reach your target audience.

Did you know that once we’ve set you up with a kick-ass template you can send bulk emails to your database for free! Give us a call & let us show you how.


Do you want to sell online? Huge potential, small outlay.

Cheaper than bricks and mortar and more sustainable. An eCommerce site offers you unlimited selling potential. We are website specialists.


We create design extraordinaires for you.

Your logo says a lot about your business and is a key aspect of your marketing. More importantly, we design exceptionally good ones for you!


We write content that gets noticed!

The team at Grimmel can create content that stands out. We can write the content for your website on initial build or as part of an ongoing blog. This can be hugely beneficial for your Google ranking as Google loves to see new, relevant content pop up on your website.

We also write content for brochures, newsletters and social posts. You name it, we can put the words to it!

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