A website is now the most important marketing tool in your arsenal. Our skilled team specialise in the design and development of websites that look great and rank well in Google without the expensive price tag.

Communicate your message more effectively with a ZANG website. ZANG is a web company that understands business. We take a bottom-up approach, building your website with the sales process in mind. Our team can help you plan and develop your content; being mindful of your brand and how it is best presented as well as ensuring you rank well with Google searches.

  • Price $2,799

    The perfect small business website that doesn't skimp on design or functionality.

  • Price $4,200

    Our most popular website package jam-packed with value and features.

  • Additional extras

    Help us market your brand more effectively. We offer a lot of extras.

Zang Media web design Money Back Guarantee


At ZANG Media we create NO RISK websites for  our customers.

We are upfront about the costs involved in building your website and do our very best to make sure your website is awesome, but if at the end you aren’t happy for whatever reason we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!


A ZANG website comes with a hassle free process.

ZANG Media Production process Discuss Your Needs
Contact Us

Discuss your digital needs

Call or email our knowledgable team to discuss your business and its marketing goals. We will take the time to understand your end goal and come up with a solution.

ZANG Media Production process Select from Designs
Pick your design

Choose from a range of website styles

We will provide between 2-4 website designs for you to choose from. Each design can be tailored to your needs, but it is a good starting point and visual aid.

ZANG Media Production process Your Images Your Texts
Content & Pictures

What do you want to say?

Provide us with the content of your site. You can even write the content in a Word document with headings. We will also need your images for the website; these need to be good quality pics. Alternatively, you can have us write your content and provide images for an additional fee (which is what most clients do anyway because we're good at it!).

ZANG Media Production process Draft Website
First look

See and use your draft website

We will provide you with a first draft which you can see and use like a final version and get a good feel for your new website. You can make notes and tell us what you do and don't like.

ZANG Media Production process Make Changes
Make changes

Tidy up and alter

We will go back and make all the changes until you are completely happy with your final website. There's no need to stress though, because our websites are super easy to change down the track.

ZANG Media Production process Send Website Live
Send live

We launch your website

Your website is now ready for take off! We send it live and celebrate. We recommend you continue working with the ZANG team though to optimise the site and rank well with Google. See the options available here.


All our websites are mobile responsive.

A mobile responsive website is not only more user friendly, it is now a requirement of Google’s in order to rank well. Every website ZANG Media builds is mobile responsive and is tested on multiple screen sizes.

Zang Media responsive mobile friendly design


You need to rank high on Google in order to be found by your customers.

A website is not a ‘set & forget’ venture. In order to get the most out of your online presence you need to put in time and effort, or get a professional team to do it (recommended!). Your content needs to be well written and targeted toward important keywords; you need to constantly update and add content to your page; it is important that other authoritative websites link to your content; your social game even matters!

We offer a range of SEO packages starting from the simple elementary stuff, through to the more advanced and time consuming techniques. Contact us today to find out how we can lift your Google game!

power up with ZANG MEDIA


Websites for medical practises

ZANG Practise specialises in building medical websites. We understand the unique challenges and have tailored packages to suit. Talk to our practise manager today!


Effective online advertising with ZANG

We can help you devise a plan and implement it to better reach your audience online. This includes Google search ads and image display ads.


Sell your products or services online

More cost effective than bricks & mortar, your website becomes your shopfront! We can help you set it up, advertise it and track results.


Easy and affordable way to manage your hosting

We will look after everything under the one roof. WordPress troubleshooting, security updates and registration will all be looked after by our team.